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Zoe aka Zoester the CoasterZoe in Hiding Hello, my name is Zoe and I am a JapaneseBobtail. My ancesters come from Japan where we are the native domestic cat. The reason we are called Bobtails is that we have a short, bobbed tailed. We are born that way. Our people sometimes say we have "bunny tails" when describing us. I feel that is undignified. Once someone asked if my tail had been bobbed at the vet. That got my hackles up! My people would never do anything like that! Hsssssssss!!!! I am a very gentle cat - I am careful not to scratch my people even when the doorbell rings or when one of those impolite friends of Rascal comes to visit. I try to be nice to human kittens when they want to pat and hold me, but sometimes, I'll just go under the bed headboard and sleep next to the heater.

Mitsui aka Beeshie GirlMitsui's Pretty Face This is my daughter Mitsui. Isn't she pretty? She's almost two years old now and bigger than me. I finally got better pictures of her! She is a tri-co - three color cat, orange, brown, and white. In Japan, a tri-co is considered good luck and we think so, too. I had to fly on a jet from to Philadelphia, PA to meet her father. I think it was worth the trip, don't you???

Mitsui on Side

Rascal Dog This is our dog Rascal, a Bichon Frise. He is my friend. When I had my kittens, he was very gentle and protective of them. Once they were out and about, he let them hunt him and play all kinds of tricks on him. He liked being a big brother to them. I remember when he first met them, he was shaking - he was so excited, but so careful to be gentle and not scare them. He's a good dog for a dog.

running Rascal

Lacey CuteLacey This is our new puppy Lacey. She just came to live with us last May when she was seven months old. She is also a Bichon. In these pictures, she has long hair which is difficult to groom. Once she was happy and settled in, she got a haircut like Rascal. Now she looks like a mini-Rascal - it was so strange to get used to. She is very respectful of we cats and we touch noses often. Mitsui and Lacey have cute games they both enjoy playing, mostly Lacey prances and barks while Mitsui postures and swipes. A mother needs patience , but I taught Lacey that cats, though dignified, like to have fun! I now chase Lacey in our games - I must teach Mitsui this game, too. Lacey is very cute when she prances around with a toy in her mouth! She keeps offering me her rubber ball on a rope to play tug of war; she does not understand that is not a game a prudent cat plays. Lacey really loves me, she follows me around sniffing what I sniff, watching what I watch, trying to learn from me. If only she were a cat instead of a dog, I beli eve she could learn to be very wise. I clean her a bit, though dogs do not understand clean, so it is a neverending chore. Lacey gives me licks back which is very sweet indeed. I'll keep writing more on Lacey as she grows up. I still have my work to do with her!

Lacey and Rascal

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You can also send Mitsui a note and even Rascal. or Lacey.
(Just remember Rascal is a dog and Lacey is a puppy, so don't expect too much...)

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