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Community Radio For Central New England - Worcester, MA, USA

CrossTracks features an eclectic mix of genres every weekday, with "A Different Host Each Day, A Different Slant on the Music!" On Tuesday mornings, my focus is contemporary singer/songwriters, but I venture into roots, blues, jazz, alt-Country, Celtic, world, and especially music that is a fusion of styles. Each show also features some spoken word pieces. I believe that the next wave of pivotal American songwriters, those who not only reflect an era but leave a legacy of words and music that influence future generations, will come from today's independent non mainstream artists. If you're curious how this all fits together, check out my playlists. The request line is (508) 753-2284 and we're always happy to hear from you!

You can subscribe to the CrossTracks email newsletter. You will receive news on WCUW, the radio show, future guests, and certain surprises. It is a moderated list, so you can also send a message to all the subscribers. Sign up at the box below.

If you are a musical or spoken word artist trying to bring your work to others, contact me. WCUW has a 25 year history of helping emerging and independent artists. There are no mandated playlists on WCUW, the DJ's and listeners select the music that's on the air. We play all the great music that the commercial media misses. Art does not fit neat categories and formulas!

My show has two segments. From 6:00 am until my guest arrives, I play music and spoken word pieces mixed in with concert listings and local music news. Each week, I try to play at least one set previewing performances in our local area. It's important that independent media, venues, and artists work together to keep non mainstream music healthy and growing. The second part of the show, starting between 7:45 and 8:00 am and running until 9:00 am, is my Interview/Guest Hosting Series. As the name implies, this segment is a combination of interview and guest hosting. My guests play live and also choose recorded music - influences, listening, friends - for air play. With CrossTracks' eclectic format, all genres are welcome! We let the music lead us in our conversations, following different paths each week. The sixty plus minute time frame gives our listeners the opportunity to get to know an artist. And, we have fun in the morning, the best way to start out day here in MetroWorcester!

My show is at an early hour and I would be interested in having artists from other parts of the world on the show for live phone chats - the time difference could really work! Interview times can also be worked out on shows at various times during the day.

Here Are Pending And Past Interviews

2000 - Pending Guests

The Interview/Guest Hosting Series is on hiatus for an indefinite period.  Thanks to all the guests who have enriched our listeners (and my)  lives.  It has been a joy and privilege to share these hours in the studio with you.   The Series will resume at some time in the future - but for now, time for other creative endeavors.

2000 Past Guests

Jan 04 - Lis Harvey - Emerging Songwriter From Pittsburgh With A Fine Flowing Edge (in studio)
Feb 01 - Erin McKeown - Original Folk Funk Blues Jazz Fusion - Annual Visit For My Birthday (in studio)
Apr 04 - Wendy Conrad - Wry Humor & Perspective On Modern Life With A Warm Delivery From LA  (in studio)

1999 Guests

Jan 05 - Amy Rigby - Rockin' Songs of Adult Life With Wry Twists and Biting Wit - KOCH
Jan 12 - Debra Cowan - A Storyteller With A Beautiful, Versatile Voice (in studio)
Jan 12 - Ken Batts - Warm, Genuine, Searching Songwriter/Folkzone Mentor (in studio)
Jan 12 - Chris Pahud & Phil Kissinger - Folkzone Boston Duo, Baritone Harmonies (in studio)
Jan 19 - Jane Miller - Eloquent Jazz Guitarist/Composer/Berklee Faculty- New CD Secret Pockets - (in studio)
Jan 26 - Joel Cage - Evocative Writer, Soaring & Powerful Performer (in studio)
Feb 02 - Erin McKeown - Original Folk Funk Blues Jazz Fusion Returns Again! (in studio)
Feb 09 - Tamara - Quirky, Poignant, Witty NYC Songwriter - An Engaging Performer (in studio)
Feb 16 - Mike Duffy - Worcester Icon Songwriter/Performer CD Release Visit (in studio)
Feb 23 - Chuck & Mud - Local Legends New CD It's About Time! - More Than Worth The Wait (in studio)
Mar 02 - Sol y Canto - Joyful Latin Rhythms Merge Traditional Influences With Contemporary Flair
Mar 09 - Julia Douglass - Funny, Imaginative, Eccentric, Driving NYC Songwriter/Performer (in studio)
Mar 23 - Patty Keough - CD Release Visit For Emerging Worcester Artist (in studio)
Mar 30 - Andrew McKnight - Shenandoah Songwriter/Poet Traveling Themes Past To Present (in studio)
Apr 06 - Annie Gallup - Writing & Performing Songs Like No One Else - HR  - (in studio)
Apr 13 - Carl Cacho - Soulful Boston Performer, Portraits In Song (in studio)
Apr 20 - Lorna Hunt - Poetic Reflective Writer With Dreamy Flowing Vocal Stylings (in studio)
Apr 27 - Cindy Kalmenson - Humor Mixes With Poignant Moments, Silky Vocals from Nashville (in studio)
May 04 - Darryl Purpose - World Class Blackjack Player, Guitarist, & Inspired Songwriter (in studio)
May 11 - Steven Gellman - DC Area Songwriter & Comic Book Artist, A Performer Who Cares (in studio)
May 18 - Laura Wetzler - Heart, Soul, & Yearning As Traditional & Contemporary Melt Musically (in studio)
May 25 - Mark Humphreys - Songs Of Struggle, Perspective, & Personal Growth from Southern CA (in studio)
Jun 01 - Chapter In Verse - Metallic Folk Rock From A Vibrant Modern Alternative Acoustic Band (in studio)
Jun 15 - Nate Borofsky - Evocative & Expressive Songwriter, Stories Of Modern Life (in studio)
Jun 22 - Liz Graham - Heart Of A Poet Whose Voice & Music Makes You Jump Right In (in studio)
Jun 29 - Rebecca Martin - Once Blue, Now On The Independence Project, Soaring Vocalist & Writer (in studio)
Jul 06 - Too Human - Dynamic Performers, Intelligent Well Crafted Songs (studio)
Jul 13 - Holly Figueroa - Bluesy Folk Music With A Fine Edge, Honest Reflective Lyrics from Seattle (in studio)
Jul 13 - Kym Tuvim Intelligent  Imaginative Seattle Songwriter, Lush Dreamy Voice from Seattle (in studio)
Jul 20 - Kristin Cifelli - Powerful Expressive Soulful Boston Performing Songwriter, Exciting Debut CD - CYRTB (in studio)
Jul 27 - Marc Herman - Boston Based Folk Storyteller With A Deep Groove And Smooth Scat (in studio)
Aug 03 - Doug Alan Wilcox - Versatile Performer Reflective Songwriter From Maryland (in studio)
Aug 10 - Susan Levine - Promising Performing Songwriter Emerging From The Boston Scene (in studio)
Aug 17 - Julia Macklin - Dreamy, Captivating Tapestry Of Images & Melodies From NYC - The Mollys (in studio)
Aug 31 - Patty Keough - Energetic Worcester S/S & Folk Angel Previews The Estrogen Fest! (in studio)
Sep 07 - Kaydi Johnson - Exciting Debut CD Tied Intelligent Lyrics Delivered With Elegance & Panache - NYC (in studio)
Sep 14 - Mary Byrd Brown - Dynamic, Emotive Performer; Reflective, Honest Songwriter From Maryland (in studio)
Sep 21 - Alastair Moock - Driving & Evocative Performing Songwriter Making His Mark In Boston (in studio)
Sep 28 - Halley De Vestern - Compelling, Direct, Passionate Music To Rock Your Soul Sugar Free! (in studio)
Oct 05 - Paula Joy Welter - Crystal Voice, Reflective Evocative Songwriter From Southern CA (in studio)
Oct 12 - The Westerleys - Soaring Harmonies & Potent Writing, A Favorite SF alt-Country Band (in studio)
Oct 19 - J P Jones - Eclectic Composer/Performer Blending Folk/New Age/Jazz (in studio)
Oct 26 - Mary Gauthier - Powerful Poignant Songwriter & New Orleans Dixie Chef (in studio)
Nov 02 - Jack & Present Company - Jazzy Blue Folk Funk (in studio)
Nov 09 - Tom Dean - A Songwriter's Songwriter, Potent Vocals & Guitar - Growing Solo After Devonsquare (in studio)
Nov 16 - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - "Postmodern Mythic American Music"  Stunning Oregon Performers  (in studio)
Nov 30 - Eleni Kelakos - LA Storyteller In Song Who Lifts The Ordinary To The Extraordinary  (in studio)
Dec 07 -  Charlie Strater - Bluesy Folk And Powerhouse Performer From New Hampshire (in studio)
Dec 14 - Steve Venuti - Boston Songwriter Who Brings A Wealth Of Experience To His Music  (in studio)
Dec 21 - Ellen Wehle - Literate Imaginative Poet Who Blends Contemporay & Mythical Themes (in studio)

1998 Guests

Jan 13 - Terry Kitchen - Songs of the Common Human Experience (in studio)
Jan 20 - Lisa Moscatiello - Powerful Vocalist Who Chooses Challenging & Unorthodox Material (in studio)
Jan 27 - Gerry Dekoto - Unplugged, The Man Plays & Writes With Passion (in studio)
Feb 03 - Erin McKeown - Original Folk Funk Blues Jazz Fusion Returns! (in studio)
Feb 10 - Nancy Hewitt - Emotive Folk/Celtic/Irish/A Capella Vocalist and Songwriter (in studio)
Feb 24 - Lui Collins - Spiritual, Moving Songwriter And Performer
Mar 03 - Cheryl Hoenemeyer - Strong Boston Voice Writing With Depth, Attitude & Experience (in studio)
Mar 10 - Pat Burtis - Novelist, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Conveys Emotive Images (in studio)
Mar 24 - BeJae Fleming - Songs of Life & Experience From NC to TX to Iowa (in studio)
Mar 31 - Kate MacLeod - Uplifting, Diverse Singer/Songwriter, Plays Guitar/Fiddle/Harmonica (in studio)
Apr 14 - Mary Gauthier - Powerful Poignant Songwriter & New Orleans Dixie Chef (in studio)
Apr 21 - Les Sampou - Blues & Folk Artist, Smooth Slide Guitar, Honest & Vivid Lyrics (in studio)
Apr 28 - Andrew McKnight - Shenandoah Songwriter/Poet Traveling Themes Past To Present (in studio)
May 12 - Valerie & Walter Crockett - Local Legends, The Essence Of Worcester Music - Songs.COM (in studio)
May 19 - Lori McKenna - New Voice in Boston, Honest & Poignant Songwriter (in studio)
May 26 - Mark Humphreys - Songs Of Struggle, Perspective, & Personal Growth from Southern CA (in studio)
Jun 02 - Linda Sharar - Thought Provoking Life Portraits & Humor From Camp Hoboken (in studio)
Jun 16 - Katrina Landon - Virginia Singer/Songwriter, Versatile Vocalist, Emerging Songwriter (in studio)
Jun 23 - Susan Piper - Philadelphia Writer of Evocative Songs With A Powerful, Moving Voice (in studio)
Jun 30 - Ben Kaplan - Singer/Songwriter Artist Writer Filmmaker From Williamsport, PA (in studio)
Jul 07 - Heather McLeod - Montreal Singer, Guitarist, Storyteller Fusing Myriad Influences (in studio)
Jul 21 - Annie Rapid - LA Writer & Dynamic Performer of Honest Songs, Varied Images Of Life (in studio)
Jul 28 - Nina Adel - World Traveler, Eclectic Writer Whose Songs Ring True, from Nashville (in studio)
Aug 04 - Kerri Powers - Boston's Own "Queen Of Caffeine", Graceful & Evocative Writer/Performer (in studio)
Aug 18 - Liz Reed - Enthusiastic & Exciting Songwriter With A Singular, Dynamic Voice (in studio)
Sep 01 - Terry Kitchen - Songs of the Common Human Experience (in studio)
Sep 08 - John McVey - Earnest, Passionate Performer & Songwriter From Nashville (in studio)
Sep 15 - Laurie Geltman - Songwriter/Guitarist, A Fiery Rocker & Soulful Acoustic Performer - EFR (in studio)
Sep 29 - Dana Cooper - Passion Of A Poet, Power Of A Rocker, from TN & TX - NOMA - Compass (in studio)
Oct 06 - Leonardo Biciunas - Chicago Songwriter Echoing Visions of Contemporary Life (in studio)
Oct 13 - Wishing Chair - Singing For The Red Wolves With Sleek Harmonies & Touching Lyrics (in studio)
Oct 20 - BeJae Fleming - The Road From NC to TX to Iowa Leads Back To Worcester (in studio)
Nov 03 - Leah-Carla Gordone - Dynamic NYC "Butterfly Child" Writer & Performer Pop/Rock/Soul (in studio)
Nov 17 - Lori B. - Quirky, Genuine & Reflective Songs From This Contemporary Hurricane Child (in studio)
Nov 24 - Stephen Cohen - Oregon Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist & Designer Of Percussion (in studio)
Dec 08 - Chuck Demers (Chuck & Mud) - Local Legends CD It's About Time Well Worth The Wait (in studio)
Dec 15 - Eric Schwartz - Compelling Songwriter Who Draws Us Into His World To Believe & Care (in studio)
Dec 22 - Mark Fisher - CD Release Visit for Scratchboard - Songs & Drawings (in studio)
Dec 29 - Katherine Quinn - Expressive, Honest, Powerful Vermont Writer & Performer (in studio)

1997 Guests

Jan 14 - Jon Carmen - The Voice, The Songs, The Guitar, He Has It!
Jan 21 - Hugh Blumenfeld - Connecticut Poet and Singer/Songwriter - Waterbug (in studio)
Jan 28 - Ilene Weiss - Thoughtful NY Singer/Songwriter - StevenA Site
Feb 04 - Sarah Greene - Jazz and Blues Influenced Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist (in studio)
...See photos of Sarah's "Ugliest Guitar In The World" - You Decide!
Feb 11 - Chuck Brodsky - Soulful, Gifted Songwriter & Baseball Historian
Feb 18 - Carrie Newcomer - Stirring, Heartfelt Singer/Songwriter - Rounder - Stone Soup
Feb 25 - Susan McKeown - The Chanting House Contemporary Celtic - Susan - PrimeCD
Mar 04 - Jack & Present Company - Jazzy Blue Folk Funk (in studio)
Mar 18 - Jason Eslick - Reflective Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Many Tunings (in studio)
Mar 25 - Mary McCaslin - Compelling Singer/Songwriter, Public Radio DJ
Apr 08 - Faith Soloway - Rising Talent in Boston Singer/Songwriter Scene (in studio)
Apr 15 - Erin Corday - Washington Singer/Songwriter With World Influences (in studio)
Apr 22 - Erin McKeown - Original Folk Funk Blues Jazz Fusion (in studio)
Apr 29 - Cercie Miller - Innovative Jazz Saxophonist and Composer
May 06 - Pamela Means - Honest, Original Songs, Evocative New Voice In Boston (in studio)
May 13 - Tim Mason - Cambridge Soulful, Gifted Poet/Spoken Word Artist (in studio)
May 27 - Mindy Jostyn - Violin/Harmonica/Singer Songwriter Dynamo - PRIME-CD
Jun 03 - Deb Pasternak - Songs of Varied Grooves and Lyrical Imagery (in studio)
Jun 10 - Greg Greenway - Literate, Witty Songs Drawing on Life Experience (in studio)
Jul 08 - Jane Miller - Eloquent Jazz Guitarist/Composer/Berklee Faculty (in studio)
Jul 15 - Nancy Hewitt - Celtic Influenced Singer/Songwriter, A Voice You Can Feel (in studio)
Jul 22 - Leslie Ellis - Intelligent Songs, Dynamic Delivery - from California (in studio)
Jul 22 - Glenn MacPherson - Workingman's Poet/Kerrville New Folk Finalist (in studio)
Jul 29 - Annie Gallup - Unique & Thoughtful Lyricist, Captivating Music - HR (in studio)
Aug 05 - Jim Infantino - Man Of Many Voices (in studio)
Aug 12 - Janet Feld - Smooth Guitar Player, Spiritual Songwriter (in studio)
Aug 19 - Ratsy - soon to be extra famous songstress girl (in studio)
Sep 16 - Karen Savoca - Falcon Ridge '97 Star, Compelling Writer & Performer
Sep 23 - Christian Bauman - Potent Songwriter Delivering Stories Powerfully
Sep 30 - Maria Sangiolo - Graceful Vibrant Performer, Touching SongsSignature (in studio)
Oct 07 - Jon Svetkey - Songwriter & Member of The Loomers, Hot Boston Folk(?) Band (in studio)
Oct 14 - Jody Kessler - "Great Guitarist, Spiritually Reflective Lyrics That Sing True" - Annie Burns (in studio)
Oct 21 - Chris & Meredith Thompson - Identical Twin Harmony, Guitar & Flute, Poetic Lyrics (in studio)
Oct 28 - Kevin So - Music With Roots in Traditional Delta Blues and Folk (in studio)
Nov 11 - Susan Graham White - Versatile Maryland Singer/Songwriter (in studio)
Nov 18 - Chuck Brodsky - Soulful, Gifted Songwriter & Baseball Historian (in studio)
Nov 25 - Julie Hoest - Rocky Mountain Singer/Songwriter & Mother Folker (in studio)
Dec 02 - Rose Polenzani - Chicago Singer/Songwriter, After All We've Heard, A Visit! (in studio)
Dec 16 - Laura Kemp - Eloquent Oregon Songwriter & Rockin' Babe With Axe (in studio)
Dec 30 - Anne Weiss - Oregon Writer of Well Crafted Songs, Soaring, Powerful, Emotive Vocals (in studio)

1996 Guests

Sep 24 - The Perfesser - 0f the National Online Music Alliance
Oct 01 - Paul Rogers of - Those Darn Accordions- The Most New Trad Band!
Oct 22 - Victoria Parks - Traditional and Contemporary Folk Music From Ohio
Oct 29 - Sloan Wainwright - Hudson River Valley Singer/Songwriter With Great Band
Nov 12 - Dave's True Story - New York City "Beatlounge" Music
Nov 12 - Walter Crockett - Local Legends, The Essence Of Worcester Music - Songs.COM (in studio)
Nov 19 - Jess Klein - Dynamic New Voice & Songwriter in Boston
Nov 19 - BeJae Fleming - Bluesy Folk Music From The Great State of Iowa
Dec 10 - Les Sampou - Blues & Folk Artist, Smooth Slide Guitar, Honest & Vivid Lyrics
Dec 17 - Sara Hickman - The Ongoing Adventures of Sara Hickman
Dec 31 - Ellis Paul - Songwriter, Storyteller, Poet/Official Site - Brandeis Site

At night, you'll find me in the folk, jazz, and blues clubs in Central New England. My favorite room used to be the Old Vienna Kaffehaus (OVK) in Westborough, MA. On most Thursday nights, the Old Vienna had a renown open mike with a featured artist and talented performers, musical and spoken word, honing their craft. Alas, the club has closed, but hopefully will open in a new, larger location. Thanks Tim and Robert for the memories!

These days, my favorite Worcester venue is The Green Rooster Coffeehouse downtown at the United Congregational Church at 6 Institute Road. It's a very comfortable setting with excellent sight lines, great sound, and a congenial atmosphere. Chuck Demers puts together a creative performance schedule. For information call (508) 798-3010.

Or... I head out of the city, south to The Vanilla Bean in Pomfret, CT, (860-928-1562) an intimate room featuring new and established artists. The food is outstanding and the desserts are dangerous! The Bean has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, you feel like you're hearing the artist in your living room - it's a friendly venue! Barry Jessurun has put together a wonderful room.

And... I head north to the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, MA, (978-425-4311) a pre-Revolutionary War Inn (with some "newer" rooms, too..) There is a lot of history in the building! The Bull Run features national talent with an opening performer, generally a new artist to discover!  George Tocci books this venerable room.

Local Venue Information For Performers & Listeners

Brian Goslow's Airwaves Columns In The Worcester Phoenix
Reviews And Previews Of Shows And Interviews
Thanks, Brian!

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