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New Traditions

Tuesday 6:00-9:00 am
Host: Richard Fox

Phone Interview: Mindy Jostyn - Site1 - Site2


> 6:00 AM Post Memorial Day Set...
Medeski Martin And Wood - Shack-man - Gramavision
Utah Phillips/Ani Difranco - The Past Didn't Go Anywhere - Righteous Babe
Compilation - Time Is On Our Side - Deja Disc
David Rodriguez: The True Cross
The Puddle Jumpers - Out Of The Shadows - Golden Goose

> 6:23 AM Post Three Day Weekend Austin Set...
Deborah Henson-Conant - Budapest - Unity
Richard Buckner - Bloomed - DejaDisc
Blue and Wonder
Butch Hancock - Eats Away The Night - Sugar Hill
One Kiss
Lisa Mednick - Artifacts Of Love - Deja Disc
Harper's Ferry

> 6:42 AM Warm Music From Far Corners...
Psychograss - Like Minds - Sugar Hill
3rd Stone From The Sun
Maria Sangiolo - Follow Your Own Road - Signature Sounds
God Loves
Iris DeMent - The Way I Should - Warner Bros.
When My Morning Comes Around
Mindy Jostyn - Five Miles From Hope - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Five Miles From Hope
Andrew Roblin & The Pocono Mountain Men - Perilous Pursuit - Upstart
Valerie's Waltz
Red River Jig

> 7:00 AM Music With Ties To Worcester...
Mary Ann Rossoni - Half Slips & Garters - TGT
Night Train
Martin Sexton - Black Sheep - Eastern Front Records
Valerie & Walter Crockett - Unbutton Your Heart - Big Bark/Daring
I Said Goodbye
Compilation - This Is Boston, Not Austin II - Black Wolf/EFR
Duke Levine: King Kamehameha Blues

> 7:18 AM Interlude Spoken Word Plus...
Tim Mason - Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone - TM
Stark Raving Chandler - (generica) - Silverwolf
This Is Not A Folk Song
Earl Klugh - Midnight In San Juan - Warner Bros.
Jamaican Winds

> 7:37 AM New Trad Set...
Erin Corday - Secret About The World - Waterbug
Was It You
Brian McNeill - The Back O' The North Wind - Greentrax
Steel Man
Caryn Lin - Tolerance For Ambiguity - Alchemy Records
The Call

> 7:52 AM Mindy Jostyn Interview...
Mindy Jostyn - Cedar Lane - Palmetto Records
Cedar Lane
Mindy Jostyn - Five Miles From Hope - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Common Ground
Mindy Jostyn - Cedar Lane - Palmetto Records
Other Guy's Girls
Mindy Jostyn - Five Miles From Hope - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Time, Be On My Side
Too Easy

> 8:30 AM Three Songs, Three Styles...
Mindy Jostyn - Cedar Lane - Palmetto Records
Gypsy Soul
Faith Soloway - Training Wheels - Lyric Moon
Kristina Olsen - Live From Around The World - Philo
TV Free America
Better Than TV

> 8:43 AM Deb In Studio Next Week...
Deb Pasternak- More - Signature Sounds
Pick-Axe Love Song

> 8:54 AM 'Till Next Week...
Ellis Paul - Say Something - Black Wolf Records
Say Something

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