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New Traditions

Tuesday 6:00-9:00 am
Host: Richard Fox 6:00-9:00 am

In Studio Guest: Jason Eslick


> 6:00 AM St. Patrick's Day Good Morning...
Eileen Ivers - Eileen Ivers - Green Linnet
Calum Breugach/The Devil in the Kitchen/
Muileann Dubh/Sandy Cameron/
Cape Breton's Symphony/Welcome to the Shetlands
Karan Casey - Songlines - Shanachie
Roger the Miller
Sharon Shannon - Out The Gap - Green Linnet
Sandy River Belle
Carol Noonan Band - Noonan Building & Wrecking - Philo
Love You Till The End
Knots and Crosses - Curve Of The Earth - Crossongs
Annetta's Bookcase
Roger Landes - Dragon Reels - Ranger Music
The Devil and the Farmer's Wife (w/Connie Dover)
A Barrel Of Knifes

> 6:25 AM Bluestime - Last Days Of Winter...
Mary-Ann Brandon - Mary-Ann Brandon - Appaloosa
Everything I Touch Turns To Gold
Deborah Coleman - I Can't Lose - Blind Pig Records
I Can't Lose
Neil Black & The Healers - Neil Black & The Healers - Deluge Records
Steppin' Out
Suzy Nelson - Busman's Holiday - Resounding Records
Keep Comin' Back

> 6:46 AM From Blues To...
Sippy Wallace - Women Be Wise - Alligator
Women Be Wise
Deb Pasternak - More - Signature Sounds
Woman Of Action
Peter Mayer - Straw House Down - Summit
Straw House Down

> 7:00 AM Missouri & The Puddle Jumpers...
Jim Ritchey & BeJae Fleming - Poor David's 1984 - Live Concert Tape
O Missouri
Brewer & Shipley - Tarkio - Buddah
Tarkio Road
The Puddle Jumpers - Out Of The Shadows - Golden Goose
Troubled Road

> 7:18 AM Jess Klein and Hello To Jason...
Compilation - Show Up Sign Up And Play - Indie
Jess Klein: Pain Make Me Strong
Jason Eslick - Coming Home - Ragged Mountain
Red Sky

> 7:26 AM Jason Eslick Interview...
Jason Eslick - Live In Studio
Ball & Chain
Jason Eslick - Coming Home - Ragged Mountain
Don't Even Miss You

> 7:44 AM Interview Continues...
Jason Eslick - Live In Studio
Tom Eslick - Blackwater - Ragged Mountain
One More Round
Jason Eslick - Live In Studio
Coming Home

> 8:14 AM Another DADGAD...
Gayla Drake Paul - Waiting For The Spark - Ivanhoe Road Music
The Top Of The Tower

> 8:19 AM Interview Continues...
Jason Eslick - Live In Studio
Walk My Way
Mary McCaslin - Things We Said Today, The Best Of - Philo
Old Friends
Jason Eslick - Live In Studio
City Of Angels
Jason Eslick - When Everything Was Now - JS
Only Time

> 8:44 AM A Couple for Jason, One from Jason, & One from Adam...
Pete Kennedy - Shearwater: The Art Of The Unplugged Guitar - ROD
Faith Soloway - Training Wheels - Lyric Moon
She Just Works There
Brooks Williams - Knife Edge - Green Linnet
Goodbye Walker Percy
Don White - Two Vagabonds In Disguise - Melville Park
Ordinary Women and Men

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