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New Traditions

Tuesday 6:00-9:00 am
Host: Richard Fox 6:00-9:00 am

Dedicated to Townes Van Zandt


> 6:00 AM A Little Cartoon Jazz...
Sonya Jason - Tigress - Discovery
Cartoon Blues
Beachfront Property - Beachfront Property - Cexton Records
The Flintstones Theme
Laurie Z - Life Between The Lines - Zebra Productions
My Perfect Love
Lora Lee Amram - The Other Side - Redtail Records
Apollo's Spirit

> 6:16 AM Revisit Some 1996 Interviews...
Those Darn Accordians - Squeeze This! - Flying Fish
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Victoria Paris - Sure Feels Like Home - Amerisound/Appropo
Sure Feels Like Home
Sloan Wainwright - Sloan Wainwright - Waterbug
Steal My Thunder

> 6:29 AM More '96 Interviews...
Dave's True Story - Dave's True Story - Bepop Records
Paula Joy Welter - Morning Light - Starry Sky Music
Blessed Be The Fool
Greg Brown - Dream Cafe - Red House Records
I Don't Know That Guy

> 6:48 AM Contemporary Southern Music...
Iris DeMent - Infamous Angel - Warner Bros.
Our Town
Toni Price - Swim Away - Antone's/Discovery
Just To Hear Your Voice
Sue Foley - A Walk In The Sun - Antone's/Discovery

> 7:05 AM Tribute to Townes Van Zandt...
Townes Van Zandt - Hi, Low, And In Between - Acoustic Highway
To Live Is To Fly
Nanci Griffith - Other Voices, Other Rooms - Elektra
Tecumseh Valley
Townes Van Zandt - The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt - Acoustic Highway
If I Needed You

> 7:21 AM More Townes...
Townes Van Zandt - Hi, Low, And In Between - Acoustic Highway
Greensboro Woman
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
Red Cross Woman
Townes Van Zandt - Hi, Low, And In Between - Acoustic Highway
Hi, Low, And In Between

> 7:32 AM Made In Massachusetts...
Greg Greenway - A Road Worth Taking - Sheen Of Heat
Dar Williams - Mortal City - Razor & Tie
Southern California Wants To Be Western New York
The Nields - Bob On The Ceiling - TN

> 7:48 AM A New Trad Set...
Caryn Lin - Tolerance For Ambiguity - Alchemy Records
Tolerance For Ambiguity
Dervish - Harmony Hall - Kells Music
The Fair Maid
Cephas & Wiggins - Cool Down - Alligator
Man Without A Future

> 8:05 AM Songs About Relationships...
Sippie Wallace - Women Be Wise - Alligator
You Got To Know How
Sarah Greene - Sarah Greene - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Ilene Weiss - Obliviously - Gadfly
I Wanna Be His...

> 8:18 AM Let's Pick Up the Pace...
Sara Hickman - Necessary Angels - Discovery
Eye Of The Storm
Compilation - Time Is On Our Side - DejaDisc
Michael Hall - Every Little Thing
Peter Mulvey - Rapture - Eastern Front Records
Smell The Future
Kevin Connolly - Little Town - Eastern Front Records
Take Me To The Sea

> 8:39 AM Future Interviews...
Jon Carmen - Where To Begin - WBM
I Didn't Know
Chuck Brodsky - Letters In The Dirt - Red House Records
The Ballad Of Eddie Klepp
Carrie Newcomer - My Father's Only Son - Philo
My Father's Only Son

> 8:52 AM One From Mary Ellen...
Mary Ellen Bernard - Coney Island Mojo - Triple Z
Only A Good Woman

> 8:57 AM One More Song From Mr. Van Zandt...
Townes Van Zandt - The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt - Acoustic Highway
Heavenly Houseboat Blues

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