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New Traditions

Tuesday 6:00-9:00 am
Host: Richard Fox 6:00-9:00 am



> 6:00 AM Intro, Then Good Morning...
Eileen Ivers - Wild Blue - Green Linnet
Maudabawn Chapel
Karrin Allyson - Sweet Home Cookin' - Concord Jazz
Sweet Home Cookin' Man
Deborah Henson-Conant - Budapest - Unity
Inevitability Of You
Dee Carstensen - Regarding The Soul - Exit Nine

> 6:21 AM One New Trad Set...
Connie Dover - The Wishing Well - Taylor Park
Willie of Winsbury
Cephas & Wiggins - Sweet Bitter Blues - Evidence
Sweet Bitter Blues
Iris DeMent - My Life - Warner Bros.
Calling For You

> 6:43 AM Followed By Another New Trad Set...
Laura Love - Helvetica Bold - Octoroon Biography
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
William Clarke - Groove Time - Alligator
Saturday Night Blues
Carol Laula - Precious Little Victories - Ionx
Takes All Your Time

> 6:58 AM And One More...
Richard Buckner - Bloomed - Deja Disc
Five Chinese Brothers - Singer Songwriter Beggarman Thief - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Paul Cezanne
Sarah Greene - Sarah Greene - 1-800-PRIME-CD

> 7:14 AM Parenting Set...
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
One Of Your Own
Townes Van Zandt - No Deeper Blue - Sugar Hill
Hey Willy Boy
Carrie Newcomer - My Father's Only Son - Philo
Amelia Almost 13

> 7:27 AM Let's Pick Up The Pace...
Sue Foley - Walk In The Sun - Antone's/Discovery
Lovers Call
The Nields - Gotta Get Over Greta - Razor & Tie
I Know What Kind Of Love This Is
Sara Hickman - Shortstop - Elektra
In The Fields

> 7:42 AM Meetings & Partings...
Les Sampou - Fall From Grace - Flying Fish
Flesh and Blood
David Wilcox - The Nightshift Watchman - KOCH
Gone To Santa Fe
Amy Rigby - Diary Of A Mod Housewife - KOCH

> 7:56 AM Thanksgiving Native American Set...
Rick Lee - Natick - Waterbug
Deborah Liv Johnson - Across The White Plains - Mojave Sun
Child Of Mojave
Bill Miller - The Red Road - Warner Bros.
Reservation Road

> 8:09 AM New Music...
Jean Bratman - Jean Bratman - JB
Radio Rescue
Jano - Certain Things - Waterbug
All My Heroes
Jude Swift - Common Ground - Nova Records
Beyond The Stars

> 8:24 AM The Kennedys and Sara...
The Kennedys - River Of The Fallen Stars - Green Linnet
River Of The Fallen Stars
Sara Hickman - Necessary Angels - Discovery
Sister and Sam
Sara Hickman - Shortstop - Elektra

> 8:47 AM One Last Set 'til Next Tuesday...
Don White - Two Vagabonds In Disguise - Melville Park
Ordinary Women and Men
Kristina Olsen - Kristina Olsen - Philo
Stop Doing So Well
Cosy Sheridan - Saturn Return - Waterbug
Dar Williams - The Honesty Room - Razor & Tie
Flinty Kind Of Woman

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