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New Traditions

Tuesday 6:00-9:00 am
Host: Richard Fox 6:00-9:00 am



> 6:00 AM Intro, Then Good Morning...
Alison Brown - Twilight Motel - Vanguard
Twilight Motel
Capercaille - Get Out - Green Linnet
Coisich A Ruin
Patty Larkin - Tango - High Street Records
Upside Down
Solo Flight

> 6:18 AM Bluestime...
Lee Rocker & Big Blue - Atomic Boogie Hour - Black Top
Going Down Hard
Toni Price - Hey - Antone's/Discovery
Edge Of The Night
Keri Leigh - Arrival - Waldoxy
Something's Got A Hold On Me

> 6:37 AM A Little Southern Music...
Richard Buckner - Bloomed - Deja Disc
Iris DeMent - My Life - Warner Bros.
No Time To Cry
Exit 13 - Wind On My Back - Freeland
You Ain't Man Enough
Celeste Krenz - Slow Burning Flame - Emergency Records
Come On Home (Cowboy Song)

> 6:57 AM Jazz Time...
Ana Caram - Amazonia - Chesky
Antonio's Song
Eden Atwood - No One Ever Tells You - Concord
Them There Eyes

> 7:05 AM Boston Music...
Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco - The Past Don't Go Anywhere - Righteous Babe
Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts - A&M Records
Every Little Bit
Peter Mulvey - Rapture - Eastern Front Records
The Voice
So Much More

> 7:25 AM Friend Of Sloan's...
Ratsy - Squished Under A Train - RR
If You're Not Dead

> 7:30 AM Sloan Wainwright Interview...
Sloan Wainwright - Sloan Wainwright - Waterbug
Unseen Guide
Hey Girl
Lora Lee Amram - The Other Side - Redtail
Apollo's Spirit

> 7:58 AM New Music Revisited...
Susan McKeown & The Chanting House - Bones - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Tom Payne - Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug
Thirty Pieces Of Silver
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
Don't Criticize My Love

> 8:12 AM More New Music Revisited...
Jake - Hooked - Blackbird Records
Jan Krist - Curious - Silent Planet
Widening Sky
Karen Pernick - Apartment 12 - Shanachie
Love's A House

> 8:26 AM New Trad Set...
The Nields - Bob On The Ceiling - TN
Be Nice To Me
Deanta - Ready For The Storm - Green Linnet
Ready For The Storm
Cephas & Wiggins - Sweet Bitter Blues - Evidence
Sweet Bitter Blues

> 8:42 AM And Another...
Sara Hickman - Equal Scary People - Elektra
Last Night Was A Big Rain
Mindy Jostyn - Five Miles From Hope - 1-800-PRIME-CD
Five Miles From Hope
Chris Smither - Up On The Lowdown - High Tone Records
Just Can't Shake These Blues
Eliza Gilkyson - Through The Looking Glass - Private Music
Become The Moon

> 8:57 AM One Last Song 'till Next Week...
Those Darn Accordians - No Strings Attached - Globe Records

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