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CrossTracks - December 21, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview:  Ellen Wehle

Today's guest was Massachusetts poet Ellen Wehle.  Ellen writes elegant, literate poems that always express a piece of her self.  Feeling truth must be a part of each piece, she draws on personal experience and observation as the basis for her work.  We began by discussing the difference between poetry and spoken word.  Ellen looks at pure spoken word as performance where words on the page are not an essential part of the process.  To the other extreme, poetry can be written to work as a piece in print where language and appearance on the page are primary and can conflict with oral presentation.  Ellen strives to write poems that are meant both to be read and work on the page.  As a performer, she memorizes each piece so she can gain eye contact with her audience, feel a conversational rapport being built, and use her voice to emphasize and caress words and phrases.  At the same time, she uses disciplined free form structures for the page.  How stanzas are constructed, line breaks, and economy of words are important to her process.   Her poems can tell stories or be based around a central image.  A love for mythology has led to pieces which take the view of characters (such as Medea performed in studio) but allow for deeper reflection.  Looking at this technique like "wearing a mask", she is able to express thoughts left unsaid in a piece more clearly about herself.  When masked, people can say things they wouldn't say as themselves.  Writing poetry can be revealing to the artist.  Ellen feels that the process must involve unresolved issues for the poem to be fresh.  Revelations of the self can occur during the creative process, some uplifting others difficult.  Choice of words is very important to her.  Rather than speak of a subject directly, she prefers to put the thought in between the words, to let the reader/listener find the secret within.  A mark of a fine piece of art is the ability of the observer to feel their own experience in the vision of the artist, to weave their view of life with the images and hues presented.  Ellen Wehle's poetry gives us that gift in a combination of imaginative images rooted in both literary traditions and contemporary life.  In studio, Ellen spoke her poems with emotion and wonderful expression, bringing to us the stories and images she cherishes.  She is an intelligent, articulate woman and I truly enjoyed talking writing and poetry with her.   I chose a few performing songwriters who are wordsmiths to mix in between poems and talk.  On a warm pre-Solstice New England day, Ellen thoughts provided a glowing stream for us to follow starting day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM Romance & Glances Wake Us From Abstract Dreams...
David Wilcox - East Asheville Hardware - KOCH
Johnny's Camaro
Ernestine Anderson - When The Sun Goes Down - Concord Jazz
Someone Else Is Stepping In
Lenore - Lenore (1999 Remix) - Elaine Records
Here Comes Trouble
Edwin Torres - Holy Kid - Kill Rock Stars
In Your Eyes  ***
Mariel - The Darkest Angel - Aerial Sounds
The Darkest Angel
Johnny Adams - After Dark - Rounder
Missing You
Mark Humphreys - Songs At The Moon - Trough Records
Oh The Lonesome
Janet Grice - Song For Andy - Optimism Jazz
Song For Andy

> 6:37 AM Wandering Thread Lost In Corners Until It Glows...
Carey Colvin - (Sneak Peek Of) Bamboo - Raspberry Sun Music
Thin Line
The Lester Young Story - Volume 2: A Musical Romance - Columbia Jazz
The Very Thought Of You
(with Billie Holiday)
Wendy Conrad - Ghosts That Aren't Mine - GoGirl!
The Renovators - Rhythm & Blueprints - Berger Platters
Rip Up The House
Jessica Schoenberg - Humanisms - Sway Gypsy Records
These True Things
Compilation - The Beat Generation - Rhino Word Beat
Jack Kerouac: San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)  ***
Casey Neill - Casey Neill - Appleseed
Double Dutch

> 7:05 AM Ears On Solstice, New Year, A Birthday, & The Future...
Dar Williams - Mortal City - Razor & Tie
The Christians And The Pagans
Nancy Hewitt  - Wintertidings - Indie
Linda Waterfall - Flying Time - TR
Away Ye Merry Lassies
Gayla Drake Paul - Season's Turning - Ivanhoe Road Music
Auld Land Syne
Darryl Purpose - Traveler's Code - Tangible
The Last Great Kiss Of The 20th Century
Gayla Drake Paul - Season's Turning - Ivanhoe Road Music
Zena The Guitar Princess
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
Dancing Away
Lis Harvey - Teen Angst - Erlendahle Records
Too Far Gone

> 7:30 AM Deep Souled Austin Reflects On Letters From Our Past...
Jeff Talmadge - Secret Anniversaries - Bozart Records
Here's A Letter You Can't Send Back
Bessie Smith - Nobody's Blues But Mine - Columbia
Careless Love Blues
Lambert Hendricks & Ross - Everybody's Boppin' - Columbia Jazz
Charlestown Alley

> 7:45 AM Interview With Ellen Wehle...
Ellen Wehle - Live In Studio
They Chop Their Own Wood In Massachusetts  ***
Dowsers  ***
Annie Gallup -  Courage My Love - PRIME-CD
Blue Dress
Ellen Wehle - Live In Studio
Garlic  ***
Chris Chandler - Hell Toupee - PRIME-CD
My Grandmother/Never Grow Old
Ellen Wehle - Live In Studio
Medea  ***
Don White - Brown Eyes Shine - Lumperboy Records
The MTV Love Song
Ellen Wehle - Live In Studio
The Spade Foot Toad  ***
Lorna Hunt - All In One Day - Classic Records
How Long
Ellen Wehle - Live In Studio
Scarlet Letter Seven  ***

*** indicates spoken word piece

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