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CrossTracks - November 30, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview:  Eleni Kelakos - Web Site

Today's guest was Los Angeles' Eleni Kelakos, in the area for a brief tour and a visit to New England, one of the places she lived while growing up.  Eleni songs reflect a wide contemporary vision ranging from stories of people dealing with the challenges of love, relationships, and transition to stark pieces of the darker side of urban life.  She raises the ordinary to the extraordinary with her use of small details that draw clear focus on her portraits and themes.  Eleni's lyrics are filled with carefully crafted images and could easily be read as poetry.  Words have always been important to her, a notebook of her poems on the night table got her through high school.  Eleni still writes poetry for herself but sees a distinct writing process for songs intentionally framing meter of lyrics to join with her music.  A storyteller, Eleni observes life around her looking at people who inspire her.  Rather than write about herself, she expresses pieces of herself in the lives of others with the firm belief that truth is important.  In studio, Eleni's expressive voice filled the studio with warmth and emotion delivering the message in each song with a soulful focus.  Her second CD, To The Bone, will be released early next year.  On a New England morning that started dark and cold, Eleni's warmth and sense of purpose lead to a brilliant sunrise to start to our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM Waking Feature, Soulful Retro Energy From South Australia...
Dogwater - Soursob - Bad Ronald Music
Heaven Today
Where Did You Go?/Filled With You
I Need To Know
[ for information:  http://www.ozemail.com.au/~uagyb/dogs  ]

> 6:19 AM Theme Set Capped By Ernestine's Clear Eyed Wisdom...
Leon Lee Dorsey - The Watcher - Landmark Jazz
Kerri Powers - Three Houses - Melville Park
Let Her In
Caroline Aiken - Live At The Attic - Glutton for Publishment
We're Having a War
Kris Kehr - Long, Long Year - Woobie Cat Records
Breakin' Out
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Wind Dance  ***
Ernestine Anderson - Great Moments With Ernestine Anderson - Concord
Never Make Your Move Too Soon
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Wake Up Call

> 7:03 AM Sisters Friends Lead To Truth & A Simply Beautiful Metaphor...
Trish Murphy - Crooked Mile - Rhythmic Records
Scorpio Tequlia
Gayla Drake Paul - Season's Turning - Ivanhoe Road Music
Zena The Guitar Princess
Not Enough Rope - Fingerpistol - Indie
Not My Time
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Jazz
Alice Di Micele  - Alice Live - Alice Otter Music
Walk With Me
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Midnight Run  ***
Compilation - Can You Read This Boston? - Big Girl Records
Pamela Means:  Truth
Tamara - A Little Space Left - Montauk Daisy Music
2 Dresses
(request from Eleni)

> 7:25 AM A Set Of Music For Eleni As She Gets Warmed Up...
Jane Miller - Postcard - Pink Bubble Jazz
Fairport Convention - Liege & Leif - A&M
Come All Ye
Jack Kerouac Steve Allen - Poetry For The Beat Generation - Rhino Word Beat
Dave Brubeck   ***
Erin McKeown  - Monday Morning Cold - TVP Records
Something Comes
Leigh Marble/Erin McKeown  - Anticipation et Denouement - TVP Records
Erin McKeown:  Daisy and Prudence
Charlie Strater - Bluesy Stuff - ChiliDog Music
Bluesy Stuff
Mike Duffy - ...destined to be a rumor... - Indie
Hannah's song

> 7:45 AM Interview With Eleni Kelakos...
Eleni Kelakos - Live In Studio
Rockin' the Boat and Robbin' the Cradle
Nickels and Dimes
Janis Ian - Between The Lines - Columbia
In The Winter
Jethro Tull - Aqualung - Chrysalis
Locomotive Breath
Eleni Kelakos - To The Bone - EEK! Records
Circle and Dance
Dillon O'Brian - Scenes From My Last Confession - RCA
My Brother's Son
Eleni Kelakos - Live In Studio
The Application
Joni Mitchell - Blue - Reprise
Eleni Kelakos - Live In Studio
Anchored on the Water
Eleni Kelakos - I Will Fly - EEK! Records
I Will Fly
*** indicates spoken word piece

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