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CrossTracks - September 21, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
Email: foxy@foxy.net

In Studio Interview: Alastair Moock - Web Site

Today's guest was Alastair Moock, an emerging force in the Massachusetts scene.  Alastair is an evocative songwriter with keen wit and clear vision.  He has an appreciation of the traditions he builds upon.  As he plays, you can feel the essence of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger carried on faithfully in a new generation.   In studio, and on disc, he is a powerful and engaging performer who draws in the listener with intelligent, reflective lyrics blended with potent vocals.  Alastair enjoys variety in music both as a listener and a writer and mixes in folk, blues, and jazz styles, and always lets the songs express his character, humor, and insights.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM Pledge Drive Mania With A Beat Theme...
Mike Agranoff - The Modern Folk Musician - BFD
Ballad Of The Sandman  ***
Jim Page - Whose World Is This - Liquid City
Take Our Culture Back
Stark Raving Chandler - Generica - Silverwolf
This Is Not A Folk Song  ***

> 6:26 AM Here Comes Trouble Trouble Trouble Pledge Thread...
Lenore - Lenore - Elaine Records
Here Comes Trouble
Kat Eggleston - Second Nature - Waterbug Records
Chuck & Mud - It's About Time! - C&M Records

> 6:16 AM Wandering Thread 'Till Snake Finds Us Clear...
Jane Ira Bloom - The Nearness - Arabesque Jazz
Midnight Round/'Round Midnight
Deedee O'Malley - Simple - Woa Records
That's How You Got To Me Baby
The Holy Modal Rounders - 1 & 2 - Fantasy
Blues In The Bottle
Julie Miller - Broken Things - Hightone
Ride The Wind To Me
Sue Foley -  Walk In The Sun - Antones/Discovery
The Snake
Beth Lodge-Rigal - Dreamtable - Indie
Girls In The Trees
Dave Carter with Tracy Grammer - When I Go - Indie
Don't Tread On Me
Jane Miller - Postcard - Pink Bubble Jazz

> 6:52 Words Wake Us From Mythical To Real Tension...
Lisa Richards - Not Quite So Low - Indie
So Long
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
The Thirteens (Black)  ***
Pat Burtis - Radium Girls -Blackshop Music
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
The Thirteens (White)  ***
Annie Gallup - Steady Steady Yes - PRIME-CD
Steady Steady Yes
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Wake Up Call

> 7:21 AM Some Music For Alastair As He Sets Up...
Vykki Vox - Can You Feel It? - Webrock Records
On Our Way
Tim Mason -  Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone - Indie
Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone  ***
Bill Mackechie - Famous - Indie
Trying to Name What Doesn't Change
Kate Barclay - Sunshine From Mars - Solstice Records
Tuna Town
Halley DeVestern - Sugar Free - Bagel & Rat Recording
I'll Light Myself On Fire

> 7:40 AM Interview With Alastair Moock...
Alastair Moock - Bad Moock Rising - Bad Moock Rising
Economist John
Alastair Moock - Live In Studio
David Bromberg - Wanted Dead Or Alive - Columbia
Danger Man
Alastair Moock - Live In Studio
A Life I Never Had
Townes Van Zandt - High Low And In Between - Acoustic Highway
No Deal
Alastair Moock - Live In Studio
Smoking Flowers
A Tribe Called Qwest - People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm - Jive
Ham And Eggs
James Booker - Spiders on the Keys - Rounder
Sunny Side Of The Street
Alastair Moock - Live In Studio
I've Seen Your Mother Naked In The Tub
Woody Guthrie - Library Of Congress Recordings - Folkwaves/Rounder
Lost Train Blues
Alastair Moock - Bad Moock Rising - Bad Moock Rising
Take Me When You Go

*** indicates spoken word piece

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