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CrossTracks - August 31, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Patty Keough - Web Site and Julie Woods - Web Site

Today's guests were Patty Keough and Julie Woods. Patty is a Worcester based performing songwriter who is active in our local musical community. Among her many projects, she moderates and highlights the popular Thursday night open stage at The Java Hut.  On September 17 and 18, Patty will present "The Estrogen Fest" - two nights of women performing music and spoken word at The Hut. The festival grew out of Patty's desire to encourage women to take to the stage after noting that her open mic had many more male performers. Always one to seek balance, Patty has a Testosterone Fest is planned for later in the year. Back in March, I profiled Patty, but briefly, she is a focused, emotive singer and a lyricist with a keen eye, a warm heart, and a gentle sense of humor. She was joined in studio by Julie Woods, a new voice emerging out of the Massachusetts scene. Julie is a dynamic and driven performer. Writing honest songs that reflect personal experience and her vision of modern life, her potent, resonant voice delivers her songs with genuine emotion and intensity. Julie's debut CD One Way Ticket Home will be released next month and it will open a lot of ears to this exciting new performer. During a late Summer Morning's Sunrise, Patty and Julie glowed to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 5:45 AM Post Vacation Mix Of Poignant & Blue...
Leigh Hilger - Casting Shadows - ISG
Between Boise And Nowhere
Chicago Blues All Stars - Loaded With The Blues - MPS
29 Ways
Bill Haymes - Brave New World - A Major Label
Faint Hope
Cousin Joe - Relaxin' in New Orleans - Great Southern Records
In and Out of Love
JP Jones - Broken Open - Vision Company
If You Will Walk With Me
Carla Bley - Night-glo - WATT/ECM Jazz

> 6:06 AM A Thread Travels Through Gleaming Histories...
Jeff Allen - Jeff Allen - Shehshe Records
Been There, Done That
Bruce "Creeper" Kurnow - Harmonicaland - Switchback Productions
Barn Dance #1
Darryl Purpose - Traveler's Code - Tangible
Mr. Schwinn
Jack Kerouac - Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation - Verve
San Francisco Blues (Fragments 1-6)  ****
Kate Barclay - Sunshine From Mars - Solstice Records
Jack Kerouac - Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation - Verve
San Francisco Blues (Fragment 7)  ***
Tom Dean - Your Own Backyard - Dev Productions
The First Time I Saw Mary
Liz Graham - Liz Graham - Tangible Music
Improbable People
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Near Elm

> 6:35 AM Once Centered A Journey Changes Perspective...
Jessica Schoenberg - Humanisms - Swan Gypsy Records
These True Things
Johnny Adams - Room With a View of the Blues - Rounder Records
Wish I'd Never Loved You At All
Leslie Nuchow - Tenderland - SLAM! Records
Hugh Blumenfeld - Rocket Science - PRIME-CD
Mighty Quiet
Kristina Olsen - The Truth of a Woman - Take a Break
Between this Woman and this Man
Compilation - Play These Songs - SCALA
Le Menu: Eastrumental
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Records
Body and Soul

> 7:00 AM Sometimes A Path Leads In Many Directions...
Love Pie - Love Pie - Indie
Thoughts Of You
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
Faces  ***
Julia Douglass - Fetish For The Underdog - Stylus
Wanna Be
Cowboy Jazz - Swing Boogie - Rounder
Swing Boogie
Paula Joy Welter - Morning Light - Starry Sky Music
Joanna's Gift
Louis Armstrong - Satch Plays Fats - CBS Jazz
Ain't Misbehaving
Pete Miller - Here's that train - Indie
Goin' up the country
Edwin Torres - Holy Kid - Kill Rock Stars
In Your Eyes  ***
Big Meteor - Wild River - Indie
Wild River
Rebecca Martin - Thoroughfare - Indie
Janet Grice - Song for Andy - Optimism Jazz

> 7:38 AM Music To Key Patty  & Julie As They Set Up...
The Westerleys  - Stumblin' to Gloryland  - Pumpkin Patch Records
Picturesque Girl
Jack Kerouac - Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation - Verve
The Subterraneans  ***
Zoe Lewis - Sheep - Dog Called Dog Productions
Slow Boat To China
Pete Kennedy - Shearwater The Art Of The Unplugged Guitar - ROD
Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines - In The Black
Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars
Kaydi Johnson - Tied - Tell Tale

>8:00 AM Interview With Patty Keough and Julie Woods...
Julie Woods - Live In Studio
Save Me
The Healing
Allette Brooks - Silicon Valley Rebel - Indie
Unsolicited Advice
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
When You Come To Me  ***
Patty Keough - Live In Studio
Watching The World Go By
Eyes Of The Sun
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Lisa King: The Crushing  ***
Julie Woods - Live In Studio
One Way Ticket Home
Patty Keough - Live In Studio

*** indicates spoken word piece

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