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CrossTracks - August 17, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Julia Macklin - Web Site - Molly's Last Word

Today guest was Julia Macklin joined by two members of her New York City based band "Molly's Last Word" - Marina Belica, formerly of October Project, on vocals, and Tom Curiano, who also plays in Julian Coryell's group, on drums and percussion. The name "Molly's Last Word" is a reference to James Joyce, one of Julia's favorite authors. She admires his ability to tell a story with a natural stream of consciousness. This love of free form phrasing is expressed in her approach to writing. Viewing songs as melodic poetry, Julia frames reflective images with flowing lyrics that draw the listener into the heart of her world. On Julia's self titled EP, released last year, dreamy harmonies layered over ephemeral instrumentation result in an alluring tapestry of sound. "Molly's Last Word" is an integral part of the creative process. While arranging the songs, each band member imprints a different perspective. In particular, Julia and Marina's harmonies are striking and dramatic. The intuitive chemistry between two makes the harmony feel like one voice with two branches. In studio, Julia, Marina, and Tom gave a compelling performance. In addition to songs from the EP, Julia chose an older song, new songs, and a stunning cover of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. Even with the challenge of performing at an early hour, the music sounded even sweeter though the headphones. Julia and "Molly's Last Word" are in the process of recording a new CD, one we look forward to. This Series has been running for over three years now and listener response to this morning's show has been one of the strongest. And it's still Tuesday... On a New England morning that glowed at sunrise, Julia, Marina, and Tom gave us a thrilling start to our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 5:50 AM Visions Confuse The Morning Before A Fortnight...
Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines - In The Black
Different Kind Of Gone
Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire The Best Of  - Columbia
The Rebel-Johnny Yuma
Steve Hurl - A Few Simple Words - Bonel'ss Records
John Mayall - Thru The Years  - London
Key To Love
Ivy Markaity - World's Not Big Enough - National
My Hip Life
Compilation - The Beat Generation - Rhino Word Beat
Ken Nordine: Reaching Into In  ***
Kyle Shiver - From The Concrete Park - Indie
A Phantom In The Night (album version)

> 6:16 AM Duffy I Got The Blues You Got Friends We Got Roots...
Compilation - Montreux '77 The Art Of The Jam Session - Pablo Jazz
Count Basie: Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Mike Duffy - ...destined to be a rumor... - Indie
Broken Badminton Rackets
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Two Feathers  ***
Dave Moore - Breaking Down To 3 - Red House
Compilation - Chicago Piano Blues Plus - Atlantic
Little Johnny Jones: Hoy Toy
(with Elmore James)
Charlie Strater - Bluesy Stuff - ChiliDog Music
Yer Blues Ain't Like Mine
Compilation - Montreux '77 The Art Of The Jam Session - Pablo Jazz
Oscar Peterson: Ali and Frazier

> 6:35 AM Over The World & Musical Clefs, Harmony...
Kaydi Johnson - Tied - Tell Tale
Kiss Me Like The Devil
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
In A Time  ***
Compilation - Play These Songs - SCALA
Kristen Lawler: Moontune
Holly Figueroa Band - Three Chord Plea - Agitate
A Thousand Times
Edie Carey - The Falling Places - Last Minute Music
Lean On Me
Janet Grice - Song For Andy - Optimism Jazz

> 7:05 AM Turning A Thread Through Tight Corners...
Doug Alan Wilcox - So It Goes... - Wednesday Morning Records
She's The One
Anni Clark - A Light For Liza - Outer Green Records
Lori B - Hurricane Child - Indie
Trish Murphy - Rubies on the Lawn - Doolittle
Go There
Compilation - The Beat Generation - Rhino Word Beat
Del Close & John Brent: Basic Hip ***
Zoe Lewis - Sheep - Dog Called Dog Productions
Aunt Gladys
Cowboy Jazz - Swing Boogie - Rounder
Rock-A-Bye Boogie
Too Human - From There To Here - Boenel
I'll Never Know
Compilation - Montreux '77 The Art Of The Jam Session - Pablo Jazz
Milt Jackson & Ray Brown: A Beautiful Friendship

> 7:15 AM A Shy Request Amid Bold Boston Statements...
Don White - Brown Eyes Shine - Lumperboy Records
Second Chance Crew  (Lumper Song)
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Peace Claims  ***
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines - In The Black
Drag Queens In Limousines
 > 7:40 AM Interview With Julia Macklin...
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
The Forest
Katell Keineg - O Seasons O Castles - Elektra
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
Never Mind
Julia Macklin - Preview Of Upcoming Release
Send Me Dreaming
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
So Much Sky
Marina Belica - from Refuge: Kosovo Relief Project - Indie
Always A Place
Chris Cunningham - Stories To Play - Lunchbox Recordings
Unbelievable Candy
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
Eleanor Rigby
Julian Coryell - Bitter To Sweet - Mojo
Song for Cynics
Julia Macklin - Preview Of Upcoming Release
Say Goodbye
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
October Project - October Project - Epic
Take Me As I Am
Julia Macklin - Live In Studio
Long Day

*** indicates spoken word piece

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