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CrossTracks - July 13, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Holly Figueroa - Web Site and Kym Tuvim - Web Site

The Indiegrrl Web Site

Today's guests, from Seattle, were Holly Figueroa and Kym Tuvim, who are in town for The Indiegrrl Concert at Worcester's Institute Park on July 14th, sharing the stage with Michelle Nagy, Katherine Quinn, Chris & Meredith Thompson, and Annie Wenz. Indiegrrl is the phenomena started by the tireless (and my theory is sleepless) Holly Figueroa. Finding the musical artist lists unreceptive to women, Holly started a discussion group with a few friends. They began to talk about the possibility of putting together an Indiegrrl Tour, more a dream than a practical goal. But when Holly posted The Indiegrrl Tour to the folk listserves, she received over 300 replies in twenty-four hours, and the responses kept coming. What began as a small group soon developed into a vibrant, motivated network. In a short time, Indiegrrl has grown to over 250 members with a national tour of shows that combine regional and national artists. The organization has applied for non-profit status to help develop and promote women in music. One other resource, a record label, has issued its first release, an Indiegrrl compilation, to coincide with the tour. The show in Worcester is an exciting event for both Indiegrrl and the Worcester Community, but Kym and Holly were in studio to talk and play music... and have fun. We had fine conversation laced with warm humor. When discussing approaches to songwriting, Holly said that she "has to live it otherwise it comes out trite." Of her in studio songs, her newest, Emily, about a conversation with her sister, displayed the depth of emotion, the truth and faith in expressing defining moments and the conflicting questions they arouse, that is central to her writing. Holly sang with an earthy passion, an emotive and compelling edge reflecting the paths life presents. Kym looks to songwriting as "like my therapy, from experience directly, an ever changing process." She noted that songs now "take longer to brew, over the course of weeks, the thought becomes clearer as to what I say." When composing music on the piano, as opposed to guitar, she seeks a mood, a groove, or a vibe. I especially enjoyed Colliding with its rich tapestry of melody and lyrics. Kym's voice was lush, warm, carrying us on journeys through vivid yet dreamy images. On a morning when we noted that radio, like sea air, can make you hungry, Kym and Holly gave us food for thought to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 5:50 AM Ever Changing Currents Of Love & Growth...
Laura Wetzler - Songwriter's Notebook - Nervy Girl Records
The Taste Of You
Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling - Duet - KOPG
Keep Left!  ***
Wishing Chair - Undisputed Country - Terrakin Records
Meditation 23
Ernestine Anderson - When The Sun Goes Down - Concord Jazz
I Love Being Here With You
Heather Frahn - Heather Frahn - Indie
You and Me
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Sister Of Brotherly Love

> 6:12 AM Mood Changing Like Dawn's Syncopated Light...
Rebecca Martin - Thoroughfare - Indie
4th and Cornelia
Maya Angelou - Black Pearls - Rhino Word Beat
My Life Has Turned To Blue  ***
Adam Minter - Absent Of Moonlight - Indie
Johnny Adams - Walking on a Tightrope - Rounder
Walking on a Tightrope
Magdalen Hsu-Li - Evolution - Chick Pop Records
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Jazz

> 6:25 AM Attitudes From Angled Prisms...
Linda Dunn - Linda Dunn - PRIME-CD
Bastard Amber
Cowboy Jazz - Swing Boogie - Rounder
Morning Sky
Kath Tait - Bastard - Indie
Steel hearted Annie.
Don White - Brown Eyes Shine - Lumperboy Records
Adolescent Rant  ***
Compilation - South Australia A Sense Of Place - SCALA
'Sugarloaf Hill': Sunset At Cactus
Carla Bley - Heavy Heart - WATT/ECM Jazz
Light Or Dark
Annie Gallup - Steady Steady Yes - PRIME-CD
Howling In The Distance

> 7:00 AM A Local Set For Holly & Kym As They Get Ready...
Jane Miller - Postcard - Pink Bubble Jazz
Pat The Singer
(with Cercie Miller on sax & Patty Larkin on vocals)
Valerie & Walter Crockett - Moonbone - Big Bark Records
Lonely Town
Tim Mason - Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone - Indie
Central Square  ***
Mike Duffy - ...destined to be a rumor... - Indie
Hannah's song
Tim Mason - Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone - Indie
Heart Of Chocolate  ***
Chuck & Mud  - It's About Time - Indie
Compilation - Can You Read This Boston? - Big Girl Records
Kristin Cifelli: All The Way Down
 > 7:30 AM Interview With Holly Figueroa & Kym Tuvim...
Kym Tuvim - Live In Studio
Holly Figueroa - Live In Studio
Kym Tuvim - Live In Studio
Katherine Quinn - Leaving Decatur - Screen Door Productions
Shut Up And Love
Chris & Meredith Thompson - Wood and Stone - Alkali Records
Three Day Ride
Michelle Nagy - Art Museum - Acronym Records
Annie Wenz - Time Is Magic - Gypsy Moon Records
Dance Under The Moon
Lori B - Hurricane Child - Indie
Is That You?
Edie Carey - The Falling Places - Last Minute Music
The Middle
Kym Tuvim - Live In Studio
On The Mend
Holly Figueroa - Live In Studio
A Thousand Times
*** indicates spoken word piece

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