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CrossTracks - April 6, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Annie Gallup - Web Site - Web Site

Today's guest was Annie Gallup, visiting us as her fourth CD Steady Steady Go was being released. Annie writes songs like no one else, the flow of words as much poetry as lyric, framed in tangible, reflective images. In her songs, simple details become significant threads that weave into the pattern of her stories. We become involved whether as observer or by reading in our own experience. Annie uses gentle humor and irony to express her vision of contemporary life. Where she lives has an effect on her writing. Having spent most of the past year on the road, she, with a smile, referred to her current songs as a travelogue. As she writes, the line between song and spoken word is often blurred. The nature of the words express the medium rather than a conscious effort to write in a form. Steady Steady Go is a departure from her earlier recordings. The production is bare, voice and guitar with minimal microphones, recorded in an old theatre turned studio. The sound is Annie live without audience. In studio, her performance mirrored her latest recording. You cannot listen to Annie Gallup without being drawn into her songs. She sings with quiet, expressive intensity while her guitar flows around the lyrics, caressing one phrase, setting another apart. During our conversation, we found that Annie is a reader of poetry and fiction. She enjoys hearing covers of her songs and the interpretations can change the way she views and performs a song. Annie brought a stack of her favorite CD's, most new to WCUW's listeners. The common denominator is that all the artists are strong lyricists. The last song we played before going off the air was "A Million Ways" off of Annie's third release Courage My Love. When I went back to look at Annie's last visit in July 1997, I saw that we closed that show with a live rendition of the same song. On the first daylight saving show of 1999, Annie gave thoughtful symmetry to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 5:54 AM A Gripping Thread To Start The Morning...
Lisa Richards - Not Quite So Low - Indie
I Don't Think So
Mark Humphreys - Songs At The Moon - Trough Records
Ain't It Easy
Richard Buckner - Since - MCA
Lucky Buzz
Magdalen Hsu-Li - Evolution - Chick Pop Records

> 6:06 AM Heroes, Legends, History, Something Else...
Scotty Wright - Too Much Fun - Triloka Jazz
A Mind Of Her Own
Eric Schwartz - That's How It's Gonna Be - Claritone Music
Hattie and Mattie
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Patricia Smith: Coltrane ***
Lori B - Hurricane Child - Indie
Hurricane Child
The Lester Young Story -  Volume 2 A Musical Romance - ABC Jazz
Gettin Some Fun Out Of Life
(Billie Holiday, vocals)
Jeff Beal - Three Graces - Triloka Jazz
For Miles

> 6:33 AM This Weeks' Musical Journey To South Australia..
Compilation - South Australia A Sense Of Place - SCALA
Trina Howlett: Adelaide Lifeline (Ode To Linear Park)
The Daisyheads - She Loves She Loves Me Not - Indie
Black viola
Heather Frahn - Heather Frahn - Indie
You and Me

> 6:42 AM Whazzit? Must Be A CrossTracks Set Of Dreams...
Jane Ira Bloom - The Nearness - Arabesque Jazz
nearly Summertime
Caroline Aiken - Butler Field - Silverwolf
Good Intentions
Wendy Beckerman - Marina's Owl - Great Divide Records
Made To Survive
Ben Kaplan - Deeper Down - Ton Of Mun Records
By Jerusalem's Gate
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Records

> 7:02 AM No Caption Needed - Wonderful New CD From Jamie...
Jamie Anderson - Drive All Night - Tsunami Recordings
With My Smile
Mary McCaslin - Broken Promises - Philo
Someone Who Looks Like Me

> 7:12 AM Stretch The Thread And Turn It Around...
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Bloodlines ***
Holly Figueroa Band - Three Chord Plea - Agitate Records
What I Miss
Lori B - Hurricane Child - Indie
Welcome To My Planet
Carl Cacho - Blue Around The Edges - Indie
the Rabbi's Daughter

>7:25 AM Interview With Annie Gallup...
Annie Gallup - Live In Studio
Howling In The Distance
Ray Bonneville - Solid Ground - Indie
Blond of mine
Jeff Talmadge - Secret Anniversaries - Bozart Records
Here's A Letter You Can't Send Back
Larry Murante - Kiss Me One More Time - Indie
Kiss Me One More Time
Annie Gallup - Live In Studio
Fall To Sleep
Joseph Cookston - Nobody Told Me - Milogrito Records
Nobody Told Me
Dick Siegel - Angels Aweigh - Schoolkids' Records
Angels Aweigh
Ellis Paul - Translucent Soul - Philo
The World Ain't Slowin' Down
Annie Gallup - Live In Studio
Three Photographs
James Keelaghan - A Recent Future - Green Linnet
Sweetgrass Moon
David Wilcox - Underneath - Vanguard
Sex and Music
Chris Chandler - Collaborations - PRIME-CD
To Be More Beautiful/Sofas & #2 Pencils  ***
(with Dar Williams)
Annie Gallup - Steady Steady Go - PRIME-CD
David Charles - Desert Places - Indie
Custer's Last Stand
Lowry Olafson - Little Mysteries - River Records
Cap Brule
Annie Gallup - Courage My Love - PRIME-CD
A Million Ways

*** indicates spoken word piece

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