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CrossTracks - March 9, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Julia Douglass - Web Site

Today's guest was Julia Douglass, a New York City based performing songwriter whose debut CD Fetish For The Underdog was our Featured Recording for January 1999. Julia is enthusiastic, eccentric, funny, witty, and was a true pleasure to have as a guest. All these qualities led to an entertaining morning and made good radio! Our conversation began with her approach to songwriting. Though her songs have that eccentric, humorous wrapper, at the core is a statement. As she developed her writing style, Julia noted that many singer/songwriters can be too direct with their message. She decided that delivering her point in a quirky setting would be more effective. Some songs come to Julia, generally from her own experiences and from observation. Others are conscious efforts to write about a particular topic, and she will do research to develop the concept. An avid reader, she will range from Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman to Danielle Steele in the same day. Julia feels that reading a lot of poetry has helped her growth as a writer, feeling the flow of words as much as their meaning. Like her reading, Julia's taste in music has a wide range and we journeyed from Petula Clark to Townes Van Zandt (ok, those are two of my faves, too). We learned what draws Julia to these artists and in doing so learned about her. In studio, she sang with concentration and controlled passion. To deliver the message amid the humor and pathos, she caresses the lyrics until she reaches a key phrase and then jumps on it, stretching and elevating the words, using her voice's many moods. Julia is a literate, intelligent writer who turns a keen eye on the foibles and challenges of modern life and delivers her message with graceful attitude. On a bright but cold morning, Julia's enthusiasm and humor gave us warmth to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

The first segment of today's show featured all women artists in honor of International Women's Day; truly needed many more hours to play all the artists on my list - then again, that's a comforting thought.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 5:55 AM For International Women's Day, Begin With Boston Voices...
Compilation - Can You Read This Boston? - Big Girl Records
Kristin Cifelli: All The Way Down
Adrianne: Say 'Em Strong
Kris Delmhorst: Open Road
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Sister Of Brotherly Love
Lisa Thorson - Resonance - GM Jazz
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend

> 6:16 AM The Blues Leads Us West To Seattle & Australia...
Ernestine Anderson - When The Sun Goes Down - Concord Jazz
Someone Else Is Stepping In
Keri Leigh - Arrival - Waldoxy
King Biscuit Time (intro)
Use What You Got
Susan Court - High Relief - Fundeling Productions
Fondervogel (do not forsake me)
Fruit - Skin - Fruit Music
Guardian Of Sin
Carla Bley - Live! - Watt/ECM Jazz
Blunt Object

> 6:43 AM Stories & Images From Varied Eyes...
Mary Gauthier - Dixie Kitchen - RG Music
Ways Of The World
Debbie Davies - Round Every Corner - Shanachie
Jill Sobule - Jill Sobule - Lava
Karen By Night
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Patricia Berry: The Good Thing About Being Tall  ***
Capercaille - Delirium - Green Linnet
Coisich, a Ruin
Jane Ira Bloom - Mighty Lights - Enja Jazz

> 7:02 AM A Gentle Thread With A Musical Twist...
Annie Gallup - Courage My Love - PRIME-CD
Blue Dress
Gayla Drake Paul - A Woman's Touch - Ivanhoe Road Music
BeJae Unresolved
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
One Of Your Own

> 7:30 AM Music For Julia As She Sets Up...
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Records
Laura Wetzler - Songwriter's Notebook - Nervy Girl Records
Taken By Surprise
Jess Klein - Wishes Well Disguised - Motherlode Records
Faith Soloway - Training Wheels - Lyric Moon Recordings
She Just Works There
Annie Gallup - Courage My Love - PRIME-CD
Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That  ***
Sharon Shannon - A Little Space Left - Montauk Daisy Music
Chapter In Verse - Wicked Smile - 5.4.1 Records
Fly With Me

>7:30 AM Interview With Julia Douglass...
Julia Douglass - Fetish For The Underdog - Stylus
My Boyfriend Is A Genius
Julia Douglass - Live In Studio
Wanna Be
Victoria Williams - Happy Come Home - Geffen
Merry Go Round
Elvis Costello - Brutal Youth - Warner Bros.
You Tripped At Every Step
Julia Douglass - Fetish For The Underdog - Stylus
Thank You
Petula Clark - Greatest Hits Of Petula Clark - Crescendo
I Know A Place
Julia Douglass - Live In Studio
Long Hair
Townes Van Zandt - Flyin' Shoes - Tomato
Flyin' Shoes
Elliot Smith - XO - Dreamworks Records
Sweet Adeline
Julia Douglass - Fetish For The Underdog - Stylus
Jenny is a Sponge
Tamara - A Little Space Left - Montauk Daisy Records
Oscar & Bud
Julia Douglass - Live In Studio
It Was A Very Good Year
Julia Douglass - Fetish For The Underdog - Stylus
A Firm Handshake

*** indicates spoken word piece

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