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CrossTracks - February 16, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview: Mike Duffy

Today's guest was Mike Duffy, a Central Massachusetts legend (or rumor) and icon. Mike cut his teeth musically at the fabled Old Vienna Kaffehaus in Westborough, MA, the room that developed many of today's major singer/songwriters. One day in December 1987 as he finished a trio of songs during an open mic, Tim Mason approached him and told him that he was ...destined to be a rumor... The phrase stuck. Mike says he's done his best to live up to it and used it as the title of his new recording. As a writer, he developed his style during the open mics. He saw the sensitive approach many performers chose and decided he'd rather take sensitive and turn it. Reflecting on family life and his years working construction, he tells stories people can relate to by viewing common experience with wit, irony, and unbridled honesty. In Changing Table, caring for his infant son is not just cute, the full sensory experience is expressed. Mike's guitar accompanied spoken word piece Some Of The Guys I Work With, while talking about construction workers, speaks with gritty directness to the diversity of people and ethics in any profession. My favorite of his songs Hannah started as a game between Mike and his daughter where they would try to top each other with things they'd seen, but end by saying "I ain't never seen nothin' like you." In between, are a whole range of genuine, often touching observations that, delivered so lightly, stay with you long after the song is over. In studio, Mike eased into his performance, his rugged vocals layered over guitar put full focus on his lyrics, each song an insightful conversation. Mike also worked behind the scenes at The Old Vienna and we reminisced, on and off the air, about the club. He advises young performers to listen to the likes of Greg Brown, Ferron, U. Utah Phillips, Rosalie Sorrels (we'll let the list stop there). He looks to Loudon Wainwright, Billy Bragg, and Gordon Lightfoot as songwriting models. On a near Spring like morning here in SnowCity, Mike gave us a genuine and direct start to our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM An Upbeat Groove To Start The Morning...
Ina May Wool - Ina May Wool - Indie
J'ai Gagne (I Won)
The Lucky Strikes - Song And Dance - Lazy S.O.B. Records
Swing Let's Swing
Susan/PixE - Foll'Sircle - BrightNymph Records
Show Me
John Lewis & Ray Brown - Genes Of Jazz - Sounds Of Soul Jazz
While We Dream

> 6:14 AM A Hot Thread During A Cool Worcester Sunrise...
One Fell Swoop - Look Out - Magoo Records
 Seven Solid Days / Film At Eleven
Deanna Bogart - Out To Get You - Blind Pig Records
Over Thirty
Emmylou Harris - Spyboy - Eminent
I Ain't Living Long Like This
Duke Levine - Lava - Daring
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - Mercury
Metal Firecracker

> 6:30 AM Talk Of Blues Turns To Robert Johnson...
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Jazz
Blue In Green
Susan Tedeschi - Just Won't Burn - Tone-Cool Records
Rock Me Right
Joanna Connor - Believe It! - Blind Pig
He's Mine
Sue Foley - Ten Days In November - Shanachie
The Forest
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Bob Buckley: Robert Johnson ***
The Westerleys - A Blessing And A Curse - Westerley Records
Devil's Got Your Name

> 6:55 AM Cercie Sets The Tone & Groove...
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Sister Of Brotherly Love
Liz Graham - Liz Graham - Tangible Music
Terri Allard - Loose Change And Spare Parts - Reckless Abandon
Squeaky Wheel
Alice DiMicle - Demons & Angels - Alice Otter Music
Witch's Magic
Gayla Drake Paul - A Woman's Touch - Ivanhoe Road Music
Shirley The Spiral Continuing
Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling - Duet - KOPG
Live Intro ***
Wish You'd Stop Doing So Well
The Jubirt Sisters - Ladies Sing The Blues - High Water
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records

>7:25 AM A Set For Mike As He Gets Ready...
Emily Remler - East To Wes - Concord Jazz
Blues To Herb
Mike Laureanno - In The Net - Sunset Studio Music
Thunder Rolling
Tim Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Pony Rider ***
Kym Tuvim - Kym Tuvim - Cake Records
Maybe I
Chuck & Mud - It's About Time! - C&M Records

> 7:45 AM Interview With Mike Duffy...
Mike Duffy - Live In Studio
Changing Table
Some Of The Guys I Work With
Freddie White - Straight Up - Little Don Records
Have A Nice Day
Mike Duffy - ...destined to be a rumor... - Indie
Hannah's song
Mike Duffy - Live In Studio
Goldfish Song
Dennis Brennan - Iodine in the Wine - Upstart Records
Mike Duffy - Live In Studio
Broken Badminton Rackets

> 8:50 AM  One More For The Road...
Lorna Hunt - All In One Day - Classic Records
Crazy Mary
Townes Van Zandt - No Deeper Blue - Sugar Hill
Katie Belle Blue
Compilation - Tell The World - SCALA
Fruit: Been There, Done That


*** indicates spoken word piece

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