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CrossTracks - February 2, 1999

Host: Richard H. Fox
Email: foxy@foxy.net

In Studio Interview: Erin McKeown - Web Site

Today's guest was Erin McKeown, a guitarist and performing songwriter from Virginia who attends Brown University. This was Erin's annual visit (one I eagerly anticipate) - again on my birthday show (yes I am an Aquarian groundhog). I enjoy hearing the growth in her songwriting and seeing what influence the road has had on her composing and guitar playing. Our conversation began with her songwriting process. After eight months of traveling and living out of her car, Erin has returned to Providence and once again has her "own space" where she can focus in on her writing. A new project, co-authoring a musical theater script and score, has Erin thinking in the swing jazz mode. That influence has crept into both her guitar playing and general songwriting. She is now seeking "rhythm that jangles not true rhythm". Her newest songs are observations of contemporary life, portraits of friends drawn with insight and compassion. The direction of Erin's music has changed over the past year with more emphasis on subtle detail and diversity in pace and style. In addition to solo shows and shows with her band, Erin has been performing with "VOICES on the VERGE" - her friends Rose Polenzani, Jess Klein, and Beth Amsel. The VOICES play individually and with other in the round. As a performer, Erin is focused and centered; she plays with joyful intensity. Her guitar phrasing has become even more versatile which compliments her more complex lyric imagery. As we said our goodbyes, I could only wonder where this next year will take Erin on her path as an artist; an intriguing vision. On an icy Winter morning, Erin brought us some light to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM A Groundhog Birthday's Start To The Day...
Barbara Kessler - Notion - Eastern Front Records
That Hurricane
Ernestine Anderson - Hello Like Before - Concord Jazz
Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records
Dancing Away
The Jane Miller Trio - Secret Pockets - Pink Bubble Records
The Days of Wine and Roses

> 6:20 AM Fragmented Dreams Sneak Into An Early Stream...
Laura Kemp - Volcano - Rain Water Records
Roses And Hats
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Lisa King: The Crushing ***
Laurie Geltman - No Power Steering - Eastern Front Records
Saddle Up Sally
Etta James - Tell Mama - Chess
Tell Mama
Jim's Big Ego - Don't Get Smart - Eastern Front Records
Ahead Of The Curve
Louis Armstrong - Satch Plays Fats - CBS Jazz
Honeysuckle Rose

> 6:39 AM Thread Woven Through Diverse Styles...
Cercie Miller Quartet - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Wake Up Call
Kath Tait - Bastard - Indie
Steel hearted Annie
Joanna Connor - Believe It! - Blind Pig
Doctor Feelgood
Lorna Hunt - All In One Day - Classic Records
How Long
Carla Bley - Live - Watt Jazz
Blunt Object
GOODING - Winter's Return - S3 Records

> 7:00 AM Folks Playin' 'Bout Town Blended With Gayla & Tim...
Tamara - A Little Space Left - Montauk Daisy Music
2 Dresses
Gayla Drake Paul - How Can I Keep From Singing? - Ivanhoe Road Music
Circles Turn (Audrey)
Ellis Paul - Translucent Soul - Philo
She Loves The Girl
Timothy Mason - Bloodlines - Indie
Wind Dance ***
Les Sampou - Fall From Grace - Flying Fish
Ride The Line

>7:20 AM Music For Erin As She Gets Ready...
John Coltrane - The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane - ABC Impulse Jazz
Soul Eyes
Liz Graham - Liz Graham - Tangible
Your Freedom

> 7:28 AM Interview With Erin McKeown...
Zoe Lewis - Sheep - Indie
That Thing
Erin McKeown - Live In Studio
How To Open My Heart In Four Easy Steps
Daisy & Prudence
Jonathan Pointer - Scarecrows Burn - Songs For Cheap
Erin McKeown - Live In Studio
Rose Polenzani - Dragersville - Indie
The Necklace
Jess Klein - Wishes Well Disguised - Indie
Lori McKenna - Paper Wings & Halos - Gyro Productions
Paper Wings & Halos
Erin McKeown - Live In Studio
You Don't Know
John Scofield - A Go Go - Verve
A Go Go
Bjork - Post - Elektra
Rufus Wainwright - Rufus Wainwright - Dreamworks Records
Erin McKeown - Live In Studio
The Dirt Gardener
Tuesday Morning Cold

*** indicates spoken word piece



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