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CrossTracks - September 8, 1998

Host: Richard H. Fox

In Studio Interview: John McVey - Web Site

Today's guest was John McVey, a songwriter and performer from Nashville who brought with him two Taylor guitars, the largest one Taylor makes, for its bass resonance, the smallest for its own sweet sound. This was a morning of gremlins in the radio board. Without a bunch of recabling, the best solution was to broadcast John through a single microphone. Normally, this would not be an acceptable solution, but John's guitar playing is so strong, full, and controlled and his voice blends perfectly. While some folks are difficult to mix on two mic's, he did it naturally on one. As a songwriter, John starts with melody first and then works in lyrics. On his recording "Circle Of Friends", he also includes a couple of covers. He chose to begin his visit with his interpretation of the Lennon-McCartney tune 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'. When I asked why he picked that Beatles tune to record, he related how he was working with guitar phrasings and they suggested the song's lyrics to him. His rendition is a departure from the original and ties in well with his songwriting style; his process picking the cover rather than a conscious choice to do the song. In studio, John's performance was dynamic and genuine. He plays with a real passion, his rich voice and soaring guitar combining for a full sound. His lyrics are insightful, literate, and well crafted. John will be appearing at Johnny D's tonight and at both the Boston Folk Festival and the area's best house concert series, Fox Run, on Saturday. On a gray morning filled with gremlins, John gave us reason to smile to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label

> 6:00 AM Parting Joining To Start Our Morning...
Rose Polenzani - Dragersville - Indie
Olga's Birthday
Lisa Johnson - Whenever The Moon Is Full - Trough Records
If You Leave Now
Tom Flannery - Song About A Train - Kiko Music
Blame it On the Death of Charles Kuralt
Timothy Mason - Bloodlines - TM
Midnight Run ***
The Velvet Janes - Venus Calling - Passionfruit Produce
Venus Calling

> 6:18 AM Blues For A Radio Board...
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Afro-Bossa - Discovery Jazz
Johnny Copeland - Copeland Special - Demon Records
Third Party
Bo Ramsey - In The Weeds - Trailer Records
Ain't It Hard
Ruby Andrews - Kiss This - Ichiban Records
Since I Met You
Sue Foley - Ten Days In November - Shanachie
Long Way To Go
Pepper Adams - Pure Pepper - Savoy Jazz
Bloos, Blooze, Blues (excerpt)
(w/Elvin Jones, Hank Jones, George Duvivier, & Bernard McKinney)

> 6:48 AM Looking At A Picture With Different Vision...
Leora Salo - Remember Me - 3 Sisters Music
Wayfarin' Gypsy Queen
Bill Petterson - Angell Road - Wire Records
Does She Mention My Name
Tamara - A Little Space Left - Montauk Daisy Records
Cool, Blue & Rolling

> 6:59 AM Lotsa Folks Playin' 'Bout Town...
Ali Ryerson - In Her Own Sweet Way - Concord Jazz
Paisagem Cosmica (Cosmic Landscape)
Chris Chandler - Convenience Store Troubadours - PRIME CD
Breakfast Serial Killers
Valerie & Walter Crockett - Moonbone - Big Bark Records
This Ain't The Sixties No More
Compilation - Christine Lavin Presents Laugh Tracks Volume 1 - Shanachie
Welcome To New York, Don White ***
Mary Gauthier - Dixie Kitchen - RG Music
I Don't Know Nothin About Love
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearlings - Almo Sounds
Caleb Meyer
Ratsy - Squished Under A Train - Indie
If You're Not Dead

> 7:31 AM The Wind On The Plains...
McCoy Tyner - The Greeting - Milestone Jazz
Greg Brown - The Poet Game - Red House Records
The Poet Game
Timothy Mason - Bloodlines - TM
Pony Rider ***
BeJae Fleming - Red Cross Woman - Trailer Records

> 7:44 AM A Set For John As He Gets Ready...
Jennifer Kimball - Veering From The Wave - Indie
Meet Me In The Twilight
Jim's Big Ego - Don't Get Smart - Eastern Front Records
Laurie Geltman - No Power Steering - Eastern Front Records
Saddle Up Sally

> 8:03 AM Interview With John McVey...
John McVey - Circle Of Friends - BWE Music
I Want To Hold Your Hand
John McVey - Live In Studio
Fall Freedom
The Gentlemen Thief
John McVey - Circle Of Friends - BWE Music
Circle Of Friends
Joni Mitchell - Dog Eat Dog - Geffen
Tax Free
Dana Cooper - Miracle Mile - Compass Records
Miracle Mile
John McVey- Live In Studio
Shadow Of A Doubt

*** indicates spoken word piece

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