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CrossTracks - April 4, 2000

Host: Richard H. Fox
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In Studio Interview:  Wendy Conrad - Web Site

Today's guest was El Segundo, California's Wendy Conrad.  Her debut recording, Ghosts That Aren't Mine, was released in 1998.  The album's songs are warm, honest, and introspective.   Though the lyrics are  primarily based on Wendy's experience, we can see ourselves in her words.  She captures moments we all share with compassion and clarity.  Some songs are a mix of vignettes blended  with spirituality; in "Murphy Has A Law", many things can go wrong but there is a miracle waiting around the corner.   Wendy will begin work on her second CD in the near future.  While recording her songs, she prefers a spontaneous approach.  Rather than laying all the tracks down at once, she will frame one song at a time letting the creative moment shape the mood of the arrangement.  The title of her first CD was suggested by the rhythm of the studio; Wendy feels the next one's title will be a similar gift.   In studio, she performed with grace and  passion, her fluid  voice soaring on key phrases returning to weave with complimentary guitar melody.  Whether conversing or playing music, Wendy exudes an elegant charm and draws the listener in with her warm and honest reflections.  In addition to songs, Wendy writes poetry, screen plays, and fiction.   On a foggy, grey New England morning, Wendy brought us sunshine to start our day here in MetroWorcester.

Artist - Recording - Label
> 6:00 AM Springtime Erupts Across Neighborhoods In Town...
Alice Bierhorst - Now Entering Liberty Heights - Shur
Murray Wever - Earth Ocean Sky - Indie
Something More to Find
Josh Ritter - Josh Ritter - Hungry  Ear Music
Hotel Song
Cecilia Coleman - Words of Wisdom - L.A.P. Records
Words of Wisdom
Laura Higgins - Symptomatic Grey - Indie
This Artist
Julie Miller  - Broken Things - Hightone Records
Ride Like The Wind To Me
Peter Spencer - New Hope and Wise Virgins - AutumnSong Recordings
With Bierce in Mexico
Streets Of Montreal
Jack Kerouac - Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation - Verve
San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)
Mary Ellen Bernard - Bus Stop - Triple Z
Bus Stop
Cercie Miller - Blue Vistas - Jazz Project
Wake Up Call

> 6:40 AM Teen Threads Refine Growth's Perspective...
Various - Real The Tom T. Hall Project - Delmore Recordings
Syd Straw & the Skeletons:  Harper Valley P.T.A.
Don White - Brown Eyes Shine - Lumperboy Records
Adolescent Rant  ***
Dar Williams - End Of Summer - Razor & Tie
Teenagers, Kick Our Butts
The Nields- Bob On The Ceiling - Indie
Janet Robin -  Open The Door - Little Sister Records
All That You Needed
Tim Mason -  Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone - Indie
Bloodlines  ***
Steven Gellman - Return To Summer Lake - Hidden Poet
A Little Bit Fine
Compilation - This Is Boston... Not Austin, Vol. 2 - EFR/Black Wolf
Lisa King: The Crushing  ***
Annie Gallup - Steady Steady Yes - PRIME-CD
Howling In The Distance
Jane Miller - Postcard - Pink Bubble Jazz

> 7:17 AM Music for Wendy As She Sets Up...
The Nields -  If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now - Zoe
Jack The Giant Killer
Edie Carey - The Falling Places - Last Minute Music
Accidental Poet
Erin McKeown  - Monday Morning Cold - TVP Records
Something Comes

> 7:30 AM Interview With Wendy Conrad...
Wendy Conrad - Demo from upcoming CD
Finally Falling
Wendy Conrad - Live In Studio
Another Day
Wendy Conrad - Ghosts That Aren't Mine - GoGirl!
Even If I Wanted To
Bum Steers - Live at Cafe Voltaire - Voltaire Records
Earl Grey - Lover's Ridge - Shadowwall Productions
Mark Humphreys - Leap Day - Trough Records
Bible In the Dresser
Wendy Conrad - Ghosts That Aren't Mine - GoGirl!
Teach Me How To Love You
Wendy Conrad - Demo from upcoming CD
Ritt Henn - It's Me - SoundPost
Doin' My Taxes
Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark - Asylum
Free Man In Paris
Wendy Conrad - Live In Studio
Murphy Has A Law
Wendy Conrad - Ghosts That Aren't Mine - GoGirl!
Two Doors Down

*** indicates spoken word piece

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